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Mark Rhodes

Today, Marty (my wife) and I started a task we have never formally attempted before. We’re trying to document the calling on our family.

This certainly will affect our lives and the lives of the next generations. I’m all about raising the next generations to be able to start where I leave off. It’s called inheritance. I work really hard to give them gifts so each one doesn’t have to start over at the beginning.

From a business point of view, that goes for my next generation of doctors, too. I work really hard to give them things that I struggled to achieve. Up to this point, it’s been more than 8,000 doctors. They paid directly sometimes for coaching. Sometimes they paid indirectly in that our lab gave them free access to me, but their bills from the lab covered my retainer. It just felt free to the doctors, more or less.

So, now that I have taken Sean’s Big Business course and this coaching program, I’ve put more serious effort into structuring my new website and organizing its components. It’s slower than I want, but that is because I am serious.

Back to documenting our family callings – Marty does it with pen in her journal, and I do it with mind map software. We took our four parents and all their relatives. For each, we will look at the trends of what their generations have handed down to us. It’s a combination of exhilarating and painful. Those generational trends are fairly easy to pick out. The trick is to put the brakes on the bad trends and accelerate the good ones.

So far, we took about an hour and a half to document her mother’s family. At one parent per day, this will take about a week because she and I can’t take on a serious task like this every day.

I would say what we see in our kids and grand kids is very encouraging. We’ve raised world changers, and the trend in their kids is clearly accelerating.

Of all those doctors so far, I feel like I have influenced 10-20% greatly. The other 80-90% were grateful for help and training, but not much more than that probably. Finally, I know that the cream of the cream, the 1-2% at the top, I helped become world-changing doctors in their markets.


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