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Kevin Stanley

I’ve decided on my opt-in gift which is a guide on getting things done / achieving a goal when you already have a full time job, family commitments, etc.

I’ve created a basic outline and structured it such that the training takes the user from start to finish but also allows them to just pick sub modules from if there is a particular area they wanted targeted help with. I’m designing it the same as I will any paid for product by making the information as focused and actionable as possible.

I then wrote my first 400 words of notes this morning which were the introduction (to me and the training) as four power-point slides with a number of bullets on each one. At this stage I just want to get the information down so I can then record audio from it, turn it into an ebook or some sort of presentation as I’m not 100% which form I want the product to take, but I don’t want to waste time on this decision while there is work that can be done over the coming days.

I feel great to have started and produced something!


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