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by Dejan Cerv
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Dejan Cerv

It’s nice to see you making progress Kevin. It sure is a great feeling 🙂

If you will create an audio you can then use some tools to convert audio into text (like Dragon) and hire someone to create video presentation for you where you simply add your audio file. You will then have your product in 3 different formats (video, text, audio).

Video for YouTube (and other video sharing sites)
Text for e-books, articles, posts, lessons
audio for iTunes

I never gave much attention before to this, but people really like different formats. I personally don’t like audios too much because I’m more of a visual guy and I can absorb much more information from presentations in videos…

After listening to Sean’s training I realized that a lot of people prefer audio… Creating product in 3 formats can’t go wrong I guess 🙂

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