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by Buck McDaniel
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Buck McDaniel

Friday, when I reset my week’s goals, I planned on getting my website set up and hopefully ready to add content starting this coming weekend. however, in spite of tech problems with HostGator, GetResponse and ProfitBuilder, I completed the website and loaded it with 60+ article packs!

My 3 levels of goals today were to add legal pages, add emails, and add additional products.
I bombed! I spent a couple of constantly interrupted hours trying to find a legal plugin or pages to use and what I found didn’t work, so I gave up. I wasted another hour trying to figure out what to write in my autoresponder emails… I drew a blank.

I also decided to reset my plan on Fridays before the weekend instead of after the weekend. I am too distracted during the week to keep up with it.

On a scale of 1-10 for productivity this week, I easily nailed a 15!

After all the frustrations of search for hours, work 10 minutes and start it all over again, I finally hit a day I didn’t have the set-backs. Even though I really worked slowly, I accomplished much more than I could have hoped or planned for this weekend.

So, now, it’s back to “What do I tell my buyers in the AR emails?”

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