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Kevin Stanley

I’m continuing to create content for my product, I seem to be averaging about 500 words a day and I’m finding that I don’t quite have Sean’s knack of just recording the content in one take. Currently I’m taking a couple of revisions. I start by getting all the points down on paper and then I go through them recording myself. I’ll then review the recording and make changes in the order or content for structure and consistency.

This combined with the research and planning is making it slightly slower than I would like, but I’m creating and adding to it each day and feel happy with my progress and output as I do feel that this is one of the larger sections of the product.

I’m aiming to finish the second of my 8 sections tomorrow and get started on the 3rd. I’m not limiting myself to what I will get done, my commitment is to take action and keep working and then let the momentum from getting into it take me as far as it can in the time available.


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