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by Buck McDaniel
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Buck McDaniel

Today, I started a new way of tracking my daily tasks.

I create a .txt file with the list of things I plan to do for the day. As I accomplish anything at all, I post it under accomplishments, even if it is something I did that wasn’t on the task list.

Tonight I’ll try to prepare the list for tomorrow.

Here is today’s task list and accomplishments.
May 22

Today’s Task List

Prepare, upload and drip-feed 7 new products for sale
Set sale price to 50% off for first day of release


5/23 Sending Your Child to Summer Camp Report + eMail Course Pack
5/24 Pet Therapy Article 10 Pack +Tweets
5/25 Home Business Article 10 Pack +Tweets
5/26 Social Networking Article 10 Pack and Tweets
5/27 5 Factors that can Positively Impact Your Health Report and Article Pack
5/28 Children Health and Nutrition Articles 10 Pack
5/29 Healthy Eating Articles 7 Pack

Updated Rights and Branding files to all products downloads.
Removed Duplicates
Tested 60 PLR products
Fixed bad link to one product
Applied for Affiliate status with Tiffany Lambert for her upcoming PLR sale.

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