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Mark Rhodes

OK…I got really discouraged and depressed the last few days. I felt like I didn’t have much to show for them.

First, we had family events three days in a row. And the high school baseball team I helped coach just finished first in their district playoffs. And the fronts moving through increased all of our allergy/sinus symptoms. AND I had three patients who really need my attention. All that takes energy away from building a site.

Then, Sean encouraged me here. And I see others posting their progress which is also so encouraging.

Then my wife told me that she believed in me and that I could do it. Even though I gave her the script, she memorized it well!!!

Then I got a call from my most desperate patient to say that she can finally sleep about 5 hours. It was down to 0-1 hour per night for the last few months.

Not so discouraged now. 🙂

Marty and I worked more on discovering our family’s calling. I’ll make “Discovering Your Family’s Calling” into a long article and a lead magnet (PDF version of the article) and maybe even a course. It has so much to do with health at every level.

I’ll spend some time today researching mercury poisoning for another really sick patient. I’m far from being expert on that topic, but he needs me. What I learn can be repurposed into content, too.

Plus, I just remembered that I went through a LOT of material on cancer prevention and Lyme disease over the last few days.


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