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by Buck McDaniel
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Buck McDaniel

May 23
Today’s Task List

Tier 1
Edit CEPLR emails
Change subject lines
Change From address

write 1 email
Upload 1 product

Tier 2
Write 2 email
Upload 2 products
Spin 1 article level 1 spin

Tier 3
Write 5 emails
Upload 7 products
Spin 5 articles level 4
Create Bonus Gift Certificate for Tiffany’s list
Exit Popup
Video Training on using PLR

Letter to Zisa


Changed Subject Lines
Changed From Address

Wrote 1 email
Published 1 email

had a long talk with Arun about a marketing strategy

Completed Tier 1 (except for upload product.)

Have some time this evening to do more and time to work more tomorrow.

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