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by Buck McDaniel
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Buck McDaniel

I see more clearly, alright, I see that nothing takes longer than 10 minutes, but there are 10,000 little nothings in every small project. LOL

Yes, I am at a point of needing traffic and sales more than work on the site. I discovered a way to get traffic selling my products on Warrior+, but, it’s another “small project” to get everything together for it.

I have earned $50 since Friday, with the promise of at least one more sale by Wednesday. I promised the Lord I would turn over the first week’s earnings entirely, and I’m hoping to write Him a $100 check! I’m half way there.

Do I see the big picture?, etc.?
A few weeks ago, I remember having had a really bad week. What I had hoped to accomplish was utterly destroyed and hopes of reaching it this year were shattered. I had to scrap 2 years of work and start over, and then, start that over too. But now, I have hope of reaching that goal by the end of June.

With Tiffany’s sale coming up and the spectacular offer she is making her JVs, I have a plan to blow the socks off everyone on her list. Not just once, but twice.

First, I want to offer a $100 shopping cart discount for any purchase on my site for the bonus. Then, I want to put everything on my site at 50% off. That should give my list a big kick. But, that’s not all.

I have about $600 in inventory on my site and I plan to offer it for $400, $200 off. It, too, will be on 50% off sale, which means buyers of Tiffany’s sale through my affiliate link will give them a chance to buy my entire inventory for $100!

Tiffany’s list is exclusively made up of buyers of what I am offering on my site! If that doesn’t turn heads, what will?

Comments from anyone here are welcome.

Thank you, Sean and company.

Building an online business isn’t as easy as the greedy gurus try to make it look, but, given time and work, and patience to work through the most discouraging times, will eventually pay off. Even if you have to change course.

Don’t lose sight of your dreams! They’re still real!

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