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Mark Rhodes

Yes, Sean, I did do quite a bit. It required writing it out here to realize it. That just shows you can’t go on how you feel at a particular moment.

I want to see everyone here succeed. So, thanks for saying so.


Today – the mercury-poisoning call turned out to be profitable. I billed for $540 for my time on the call. In reality, I spent maybe 5 or 6 hours prepping, so $/hr was maybe $70-$80. I’ll take that to build the asset of being able to help the next patient with heavy metal poisoning.

Tomorrow is a patient with her thyroid removed…followed by years of very poor health, mostly adrenal problems. I don’t need to prep more than a half hour for her.

I’ve been doing this kind of coaching for so long that prep time is usually 5-10 minutes per call.

Yes, it is a business, but these are real people who need the best help in the world. It’s my job/pleasure to see that they get it.

Back to writing and Blueprint.


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