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by Bud Evans
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Bud Evans

Sunday evening
I will not get a lot of time to report in here next week as there are all kinds of must do things that have come up here. They could be called distractions and they certainly are for this project. However, many of the have a priority of their own. I wrote a short article on excuses a while ago. Reasons and excuse are the same thing if we do not develop a plan to deal with them. That being said here is my next weeks membership site Creation plan. I complete almost every item last week except for some social media posting.
I will create one article, video or sales page each day.
I will post to some web entity each day.
I will determine the levels of my membership and how to install them in the software.
I will upload the first two modules.
In addition I will complete these other projects.
–Fix wiring on friends 5 wheel truck.
— Replace starter and ignition switch in son’s car so he can get to work.
— Replace timing belt and tune up on friends Outback
— Plant 100 tomato plants
— Plant 2 5 X 10 foot raised beds with beets. This should keep me busy.
Steady and continuous progress is better than giant spurts. The old adage of, three steps forward and two steps back is best as long as the forward step is bigger than the backward steps.

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