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by Buck McDaniel
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Buck McDaniel

It’s been 10 days since I posted. I am making money from one site. Not much, but some. And my list is growing.

It’s been hectic and busy. I have spent a lot of time getting ready for Tiffany’s launch. I know I got exposure. Traffic to my site went way up and I made a few sales. People who have commented on the products are impressed with the quality.

My day job has all but come to an end. I have one more week to get things done before school is out and my summer job, Taxi driver for daughter, goes into full swing and leaves me just a few hours a day to relax.

During Tiffany’s launch, I made a lot of small sales. Almost everyone was plagued by one bug or another. I did get them ironed out. I have now moved the priority of that site from “Production” stage to “Maintenance” stage. There are a lot of little things that need to be done, but probably don’t affect sales, so those tasks take a lower priority.

I have created another new site, one designed for full automation. It is in the works and coming along quite well. It’s my new “production” priority. The morning I wrote the outline for it, I received an email promoting a product that looked like it could help fill in the blanks. I bought the product and a couple it recommended as they all go together.

I am in a moratorium of buying products unless I have an immediate need for them. However, I did not fall off the proverbial wagon with this one. It, and the associated products, quite literally filled in the blanks for my outline. They literally shaved over 2 weeks of planning and trial-and-error learning for the plan.

One of the products teaches how to write effective email campaigns. Actually, three of them do, each one different from the other. But one, in particular, showed me a format I have decided to use for my own emails.

Speaking of emails, I also bought a product today because it promised a 30 effective emails campaign. I regret buying it! It turns out to be someone who put up 10 PLR products (converted to end-user products) for sale and the campaigns are written to promote his products only. And they don’t appear to be what I would dare send to my buyers list!

Ironically, all the money I spent this week, came from the profits, or more accurately, the income of my sales! 🙂 It’s been really nice to actually move money backwards lately. I have an account that feeds PayPal, and I am always moving from reserve to the Backup account. This week, I have been moving money from the backup to the reserve, in spite of my spending!

My weakness is still in writing follow-up emails. Now that I actually have a list, however small, I need to prioritize writing the emails.

Well, a marketer’s gotta do what a marketer’s gotta do!

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