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by Rick Smith
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Rick Smith

Buck –

I read most of the posts in this thread. Your productivity inspires me. I’d been spinning my wheels on a membership site I’ve been working for too long. Sean & I have had numerous email discussions about it.

One thing that Sean talked about in one email (that wasn’t specific to me) was tracking your productivity in 15 minute increments. I tweaked that a bit to use 30 minute increments. So I created a spreadsheet to track it daily and calculate my productivity as a percentage for the week. Then I have another spreadsheet that tracks my productivity for each week of each month which will give my total productivity for the year. I was reasonably happy with my productivity for last week. It was 52.76%.

My biggest challenge (besides the day J.O.B) is how long everything takes and the number of competing priorities. For example, we moved into this new house almost two years ago and the yard still isn’t done.

So yesterday I spent several hours working on the yard instead of working on my IMB. Then right after I created the spreadsheets I had to have two unexpected surgeries. I’m grateful for the results but it’s been almost two months & I’m just now getting to the point where I can work on things the way I used to.

How do u deal with the competing priorities and still get so much done?


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