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by Buck McDaniel
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Buck McDaniel

OK, Rick,

Thank you for your feedback.

First, I hope I didn’t imply that the spread sheet was good for scheduling. That’s what Calendar is for. For tracking and for the task list, the spread sheet sounds like an excellent tool. I’ll probably keep using Calendar to track my time, but I’ll start putting my task list into a spread sheet.

Regardless of what you use, it’s what works for you that is important.


You have Google Calendar for scheduling, a Spread sheet for tracking, and for keeping tracking your task list and you are seeing an improvement in productivity, but you feel you are missing something.

It sounds to me that you are definitely on track!

But You are probably feeling overwhelmed. Knowing you have undone chores can be stressful.

I finally stopped letting it bother me. I try to do what is most helpful in the long run, outsource what I can that needs to be done immediately and ignore or get rid of anything that is counterproductive.

I can’t afford to quit my job, but I can use it to buy time. I spent over two hours creating a logo for MyAquarium.Rocks. I spent $5 and about 15 minutes negotiating with someone on Fiverr for the logo on (She’s working on a logo for as I write this, so if you don’t look soon, you might miss it.)

In all honesty, I have learned to do what I can, outsource what I can afford, procrastinate some things, and just let some things go when they don’t contribute to my long term goals or immediate needs. More than that, I look forward to where I am going and don’t let these other things bother me.

I am happy to make any progress in a day, even if it is less than I hoped. Progress is progress.

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