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I am completely new here and this is the first post I have read. Buck, if this thread is any indication of finding like-mindedness here, I am going to be thrilled.

I am coming from a much different place than you, but can still identify with your position. I have been in business for 26 years, first selling software in my niche (which was highly profitable for the first 15 years or so) and then adding information products and books. Now I find that the software part is just to top-heavy with my labor to go forward with new development.

That leaves re-invention and a transition to

My issue has always been “overwhelm.” There is just too much for one person to do. Sean’s materials have served me well but not in the way many people would think.

I look at his materials from the standpoint that I want to do what he is doing, the way he is doing it.

Dave Schwartz

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