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by Buck McDaniel
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Buck McDaniel

Good morning, Mark, Rick, Sean and Dave.

The tracking and planning sounds like a lot. It really isn’t unless you try to assemble it all up front.
I started by just tracking how I used my time. Then, after a week or two, I started blocking off periods of time to schedule different kinds of work. Finally, I started a task-list and put the tasks into the blocks and started checking them off.

Mark and Rick,
A friend introduced me to the Frankly System. I was using Day Planner at the time. I considered it and listened to the tapes (It was a long time ago.) After a couple of days, I trashed the idea of using it. I took some of what I learned from the tapes and applied it to my own system, but the initial setup for Franklyn was way too much for me to comprehend and apply at that time.

When I first started implementing my time management system, my boss thought I was spending way too much time on time management and not enough on work. Then, he refrained from telling me the second week. But just when he was ready to say something, I started spending less time on time management and started working again.

He finally pulled me aside to tell what he observed. In the first month, I lost almost 50% productivity, but the second month, my productivity almost tripled over what it was before I started using it.

I am just glad he saw the potential and had patience.

No, I haven’t. Here’s the oxymoron… I don’t know when I have time to schedule it in. I’ll have to start a list of things to read, or find an audio version so I can listen to it in the car.

So, go buy a couple of hundred dollars of my goodies. LOL, Just kidding. (So I have a warped since of humor.)

Seriously, Thank you. I share my ups and downs and try to say a word of encouragement when I can. I saw a way to replace my job in 30 days for only $47, and I’ve spent thousands of dollars, countless hours and 8 years chasing the illusive dream. Now, I have learned (almost learned) to quit buying everything the guru’s try to sell me, and follow one plan through whatever forest, ocean, desert, mountain or tundra it drags me through until I complete it.

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