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by Buck McDaniel
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Buck McDaniel

Issue #2 The Gmail Slap

It has been repeatedly reported that 80% of all email traffic is spam or phishing (another category of spam.) More accurately, personal emails consist of about 20% of all email traffic. The word “spam”, like “junk” mail, is most often broadened to include everything but the most personal emails, whether you want the business mail or not.

Because of its superior filtering, many people and businesses have started having Gmail screen all their email even if they don’t otherwise use Gmail. This became very evident when Google changed the algorithm to sort email into the three categories. Marketers have seen drops that range from 70-90% in their open rates. This leads many to believe that Google now filters approximately 80% +/- 10 of all email.

Google’s biggest desire is to clean the inboxes of recipients of all but the email they want to read most and remove all the email they don’t want to see. The Promotions folder now allows Google to separate “Gray email”, or email that can’t easily be determined to be spam, from both the obvious spam and desirable emails in the inbox.

It takes a lot more information than just the text of the email to separate legitimate business email from spam. Google has the unique advantage of having resources all over the web and in just about everyone’s browser cache to more accurately filter spam from legitimate emails.

Using their vast knowledge of websites and email servers, and by tracking people’s browsing histories, Google has created an algorithm that can reasonably separate legitimate email sources from spammers.

When they implemented their algorithm about two months ago in April, it caused some marketer’s email delivery to go from as high as 60% open rate, to as low as 10% or less. It was very shocking and many marketers incomes are still suffering.

The good news is, that as bad as it looks, getting past the email filters isn’t going to be as hard as using SEO to reach page 1. It will take a little preparation, work and time, but there are steps you can take to so your email is recognized as legitimate business email and not spam.

Starting with my next issue, I’ll start addressing, step-by-step how you can strengthen your email credibility and bypass the spam filters.

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