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by Rick Smith
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Rick Smith

I don’t know how many of you (besides Dave and Sean) realize how intently Dave focuses when he sets his mind to something. Dave and I have had many discussions over the last few years about focus. I can focus like Dave does, too. (We all can.) Problem is, I don’t do it consistently enough. And when I don’t focus and work on what I’d planned to work on, I let it frustrate me. I’ve got to learn not to get so frustrated when that happens.

Anyway, this is Dave’s thread, not mine and I don’t want to hijack his thread. The Work Flow Queue that Dave posted above is the result of many hours of work on his part to refine his system and stay focused on the project at hand. And when I say focused, I mean focused. If we’re in the middle of a Skype chat or whatever, Dave will often tell me, “Time for me to go to work.” And that’s the end of the chat session for now.<g> But I’ve learned to expect and respect that about Dave. And I’m working to learn to focus consistently like he does.

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