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I completely gave up blocking out time years ago. It simply made me feel guilty for not doing enough. There are just too many fires to put out. That includes everything from computers breaking to deciding that some time with your family has a higher priority in the moment.

Dan Kennedy once said that the difference between the big boys and the little guys (that would be me) is that the big boys do everything in parallel while the little guys do everything in serial.

To the non-programmers (that might someday read this – LOL) that means that when the big boys are starting a new venture the get a team of people working all at once. That is, somebody is working on the website, someone else on the sales funnel, somebody else designing the marketing campaign, etc. etc.

Meanwhile, the little guys – like us – have to take it one step at a time; doing one thing at a time.

Over time, I learned that I set myself up for failure because, as a one-person show, I just cannot do it all at once. Frankly, that’s one reason I like Sean’s stuff: It is highly applicable to a one-person team, but you still have to cut out some stuff that the big boys will do.

Again, over time, I have learned to accept that I am not a super man machine, although for 30-90 minutes at a time I seem to approach that threshold.


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