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by Rick Smith
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Rick Smith

Dave –

I have to somehow reconcile how this will work in my system. The “gooroos” (or many of them anyway) say to use time blocking. Dan Kennedy even talks about it in many places when he says you must make unbreakable appointments with yourself. I’m sort of using time blocking in that I currently have general time blocks scheduled. For example, most mornings I work on my IMB from 6:00 am – 8:00 am (assuming I get up on time which I do most mornings).

I have a spreadsheet that I created about a year ago that lays out my general time blocks. I just looked at it. I thought it was up to date. It’s not. Anyway, then I have time blocks for some evenings (depending on the night) when I have time blocks to work on my IMB from 6 pm – 10 pm. (Those are on the timesheet but some of the nights aren’t correct.) So I used this spreadsheet to create my general time blocks in Google Calendar. Those time blocks are correct. I want those in there so I don’t schedule other appointments at those times.

What I don’t do is schedule specific tasks into the time blocks. I let Todoist track the tasks themselves. (I can integrate Todoist with Google Calendar but I haven’t yet figured out what that buys me the way I’m using it.) Sean discusses on many audios the principle of “action management” instead of “time management.”

By doing it the way I’m doing it I feel like I’m focusing more on action management as opposed to time management. The next action on my list for my All Access tasks is “Questions to help you dig deep to develop your blueprint.” I won’t estimate how long that will take. I’ll simply do the work and it will take as long as it takes.

So I don’t estimate how long my “cows” will take like you do. (I know. You estimate your own cows.<g>) I just put them in my Todoist task list and plan the day I want to do the given tasks. Where the wheels fall off for me is when I have days like I had on Friday and Saturday.

So now I have all these tasks that I didn’t complete for two days and I have to reschedule them. I don’t think rescheduling them will impact my overall deadline but it might. (Because of my *serious* underestimation of how long my recovery would take, I’ve had to reschedule several times the deadline for completing my website.)

So to translate to your situation, you had a number of tasks planned for Saturday, June 11th. (It looks to me like we’re pretty similar in how we handle that aspect of planning.) But let’s say that Saturday the 11th just completely blew up for you (for whatever reason) and you completed none of the tasks you had scheduled. How would you handle that going forward?

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