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I really wish I could do it the DK way. It just has never worked for me. Every time-based plan I have ever set up has caused me to (eventually) wind up in a state of overwhelm, and, even worse, caused me some serious self-criticism about “Why can’t I just stick to a schedule like everyone else?” Turns out that most people who are trying to get a one-person company to go seem to have that same problem.

I actually tried scheduling for a few days and dropped it on day 3 or 4. What would happen is that I would say, “At 10am I am going to do this or that.” Then, when 9am came around something came up that needed to be addressed NOW and the 10am cow had to be pushed back, and so did the rest of the day. Kind of like a doctor’s office. They typically overbook to cover cancellations and, by 3 hours into the day may be a full hour behind.

Here’s a life hack that will save frustration: I try to schedule doctor appointments for the earliest appointment in the morning. Typically, I have an 8am appointment, show up at 7:50 and out the door before 8:30.

Same thing with airline flights. Unless there is a mechanical issue, it is pretty rare for the first flight of the day to be late because the plane spent the night there. (And so did the flight crew.)


Regarding Saturday work schedule…

You misunderstood. I NEVER schedule work on weekends. My week ends on Friday at noon and the commitments start again on Monday. This puts me in a situation where weekend work is completely voluntary. That doesn’t mean I don’t work on stuff but it is NEVER a requirement. What usually happens is that my Monday Push is partially completed when I show up for work on Monday morning.

I really do only expect to work around 20-25 hours per week. (Read that as “required work.”)

The date at the top of the push is today’s date. The date to the right is the start date of the push. If there is an absolute deadline, then two things will happen:

1. The push will be top-heavy with deadline work, perhaps for days in advance.
2. There will be another date to the right of the start date, large, bold and yellow on red as a reminder.


This entire process is based upon what I call “Event Theory.”

I used to coach baseball at many different levels, from as young as 8-10 year olds to college baseball. Practice days are different than game days. On practice days players work on building skills, but game day is different. That is when it really matters and it becomes serious business. It is all about FOCUS and PERFORMANCE.

So, when I begin a “cow” there is actually a 3-5 minute preliminary where I COMMIT to focusing for the next 30, 60 or 90 minutes. THAT is the secret to getting this done: removing everything from your mind and area of responsibility except the one thing you are committed to doing. It is GAME DAY.

A reasonable “mantra” would be “I will start no cow before it’s time.” LOL

Of course, just like in the real world, sometimes game day doesn’t work out so well. LOL I get interrupted cows just like everyone else. I just don’t set myself up for failure by leaving email, Facebook or Skype open, or answer phone calls. BTW, phone calls are the biggest challenge, especially if Beth is not at home. When I am in DEEP COW (as I call it), I actually cover my phone system with cloth so that I am not tempted to look at the number, which would break my concentration.

PS: Seems like you and I are having a private conversation.

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