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by Rick Smith
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Rick Smith

You might have read on Dave’s accountability thread how frustrating for me this whole issue of a couple of days blowing up had become. Here’s what I’ve decided to do. (Amazing how much clarity you can get after a good night’s sleep.) I’m going to learn to roll with it. That doesn’t mean I’m not gonna still hold myself accountable. I will. It just means I’m gonna quit beating myself up over it. One day (or even two) isn’t gonna kill anything.

So…all of that said, here’s what I’m gonna do to fix this. My plan is to do this today. It might be overly ambitious (which is something I have to be careful of – the tendency to overcommit myself).

1. Integrate Todoist with Google Calendar. I’ve decided to do this for one reason and one reason only. For some reason, Todoist doesn’t have its own calendar component. (Many of the task management systems I’ve looked at do have an in app calendar component.) Because of that it’s hard to see at a glance if I’ve scheduled tasks in a way that makes sense or if I’ve overloaded myself on a given day. Other than that, I’m not gonna worry about using this functionality for time blocking purposes. The reason is because Sean’s action management concept resonates more with me.
2. Reschedule the tasks that blew up last weekend, taking into account the work I’m planning to do on my blueprint.
3. Reschedule subsequent tasks if necessary.
4. Work on my blueprint, specifically the lesson “Questions to Help You Dig Deep to Develop Your Blueprint.”
5. Update my schedule spreadsheet so it more accurately reflects my overall IMB work schedule.

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