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by Buck McDaniel
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Buck McDaniel

Talk about procrastination! This morning I got up and wanted to write some more on my email delivery PLR. Instead, I had to take my daughter to horse camp, so I knew I would not have undisturbed time, so, instead, I started transferring a list of quotes I have been collecting as I found them on the Internet over the past few weeks to a spreadsheet. I

I had planned on transferring about a page a day, or periodically so I could make better use of my time when I know I’ll be disturbed and can’t focus. So, when I got back from my errand, I worked on it “a few minutes more…” Well, after what should have been lunch, I had them all transferred.

So, since I was on a roll, I put off my email PLR and sorted the quotes and deleted hundreds of duplicates, well, about 140-150 of them anyway. That left a little over 260! That’s just enough to cover 1 year of quotes every Weekday of the year!

Since that was complete, I needed a cover graphic for it. So, in the process of finding the graphic, I dug up and packaged 100 success related royalty free images as a bonus for the product. I created the covers using two of those images.

I added rights branding to them and zipped them up, one for and one for another site in case I decide to make it a WSO.

Finally, I wrote the second worst sales letter ever in Internet history! (I’m sure there is one worse than mine, there always is.)

So, it’s 9 PM and I started this task at 6 AM. I ran errands, skipped lunch, at supper and ran more errands today. Funny, I usually take a nap and didn’t even miss it today, hmm.

Well, tomorrow, I’ll try my hand at bad salesletter writing again, and hopefully, I’ll have a product listed on Warrior Plus before this time tomorrow!

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