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by Rick Smith
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Rick Smith

I hate days like today. Day job got in the way most of the day.<g> Seriously, I can sometimes squeeze in work on IMB tasks during the day. All kidding aside, I didn’t get as much done today as I’d planned. Ran into issues with integrating Todoist with Google Calendar. It worked but I found out that it would sync only every 8 – 24 hours.

That’s not very convenient when you’re trying to determine visually whether one’s tasks are realistically distributed. 8 – 24 hours to sync would take way too long to see my changes. So I wound up with a temporary solution called Sunrise Calendar. It will sync every two minutes which should be fine. Unfortunately, it’s temporary because Microsoft bought them and the tool is being integrated into Outlook which of course isn’t done. But I guess I’ll have use of it until Aug. 31st. So I guess I’ll continue with the process tomorrow.

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