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Mark Rhodes

I’ve really struggled for a couple of weeks here. Some of it has been needs of the family, but much of it comes down to my own struggles.

Trying to get back on track. Today, I honed my daily schedule into something I really, really like. That should help a lot.

Helping my sleepless patient — great success!!! With an herb I had not tried before. But then my other patient, who had been doing very well, took a dive.

Also, having to deal with a formula change for a product that used to be so successful in lowering cortisol. The rabbit trail got off into legal issues… Depressing.

OK. To answer your question about mapping my income. I’m half a month behind on income. I think I’ve netted about $140 so far. If I get 1 doctor coaching client, that will more than cover the $2500. I need 8-10 patient coaching clients to cover. At this point, with my lost momentum, June does not look too good.

I will not let that stop me though. I’ll be posting some content videos leading up to sales videos.


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