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Cynthia Leighton

Today, Thursday…

* I made a youtube, “On happiness and taking care of yourself”

* I made a youtube, “Experiencing joy simply, right now”

* I recorded my third “Teach for an hour a week”

It’s just 45 minutes 50 seconds this time not an hour… and it felt terrifying as I approached the time to do it… repeatedly, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday … and could not bring myself to do it on any of them! …and then after my morning routine, including my daily morning Mass, and a reception at church, I was beside myself… so I walked two miles … and did two youtubes … preparing myself to do it today and simply get it over with… and feeling scared during it… and as I ended it early realizing I didn’t have a whole hour’s worth of me for it today… AAAAAACK!!

* And! Listened to the training and my terror did not come through! My voice is strong and clear… it’s not a particularly good training yet it’s far better than the first one… I did not dare even listen to the second one…. so I am goiong to send this one to my subscribers (I’d lost a few; just 39 subscribers now, let’s see if anyone opens and clicks through to it)…

* Okay. Done. I sent an email to my subscribers listing the benefits of the training and giving a link; here’s my Word file tracking note for today…

6/16/16 39 sent, y opened, z clicked

Subject: a bonus training for you – audio training gift

Hello Cynthia

Here’s a bonus training for you.

I recorded a 45 minute audio training today, to help you use your strengths to give you these 10 benefits:

* Happiness
* Taking charge of your life
* Manage Stress
* Boost energy
* New successes
* Rhythm for life
* Patience
* Conquer fear
* Results
* Prioritizing

Here’s the link:

[audio src="" /]

Cynthia Ann Leighton

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