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by Rick Smith
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Rick Smith

First some quick background so everyone has some context. About a week and half ago Sean sent an email asking what was the biggest thing holding you back in your business. He listed several items. Some were technology items. Some were other things. I thought and thought about this. Then I got to thinking about the work I’d just done on my blueprint (which I’m still working on). Here’s what I realized.

It’s me. I’m the #1 thing holding my business back from taking off. The way I reached that conclusion was through working on my Big Business blueprint to answer the questions to help you dig deep. The question was, ” What do you see as your 3 biggest weaknesses? ” My answers:

a. Often, I can’t get out of my own way.
b. Self doubt. In other words, you’ve failed before. What’s to say you won’t fail again? So I guess that’s really fear of failure.
c. BSO (bright shiny object) syndrome.

So I started thinking about those answers. I was trying to determine what the common denominator was. Then it hit me. It’s me. I’m the common denominator in all three of those weaknesses. So it’s not technology, or traffic, or any of the other things Sean named in his email. It’s me. That was quite a surprising revelation. I don’t know why it was surprising but it was.

And what got us to the point of this coaching session is that I responded to Sean’s email and he said he had an exercise he could do with me. So here we are.

So now to answer Sean’s question. Three things I’d like to accomplish in the next three years (some of the goals are a bit shorter duration but they fit the window).

1. Complete It’s partially done but I’ve got to complete it because it’s the key to rest of my fitness big business blueprint. (Actually, I plan to complete it by the end of July but it’s going on here anyway.)

2. Complete my big business fitness portal.

3. Have *at least* a $100K per year business within the three years (preferably sooner).


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