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by Rick Smith
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Rick Smith

Sean –

Let’s start with the top item; complete I can’t address the other objectives until the first one is complete. So… the three to five things holding me back from completing the website are (I don’t know that they are in any priority):

1. Day job. Let’s call it what it is. I work as a software developer during the day. I’m paid reasonably well for what I do but it does get in the way of building a big business. And I’m certainly not paid $100K+ in my day job (I get paid high five figures). But the health insurance is pretty good and that’s important right now. All of that said, working at a day job is a time suck for 8+ hours per day plus the travel time.

2. Energy levels. We’ve discussed elsewhere the fact that I had to have two surgeries in April. I don’t want to keep using that as a scapegoat but on some days this is an issue. I attempt to get up between 5:30 am and 6:00 am every morning. That’s when I’m at my best. But I’ve realized that if I’m ever going to get this thing off the ground in any meaningful way I’m going to have to spend time working on it at night. While my strength and stamina are returning (more slowly than I expected) and I can do things now that I couldn’t do a month ago, there are still nights where I don’t care if I don’t do anything more than lay on the couch and become a zombie.

3. Scheduling. My wife cleans houses part time. One of my “whys” for doing what I’m doing is so she can get out of that. It’s getting hard for her to do and she has a partner who acts like she’s the boss. She’s not but she thinks she is and she wants to control our schedule as well.

Unfortunately, because this other woman is extremely selfish and inflexible (and because my wife refuses to explain to her how things are going to work), about two mornings a week I have to give up my early morning time for working on my IMB. Actually, I suppose I could work on the IMB if I were willing to give up my workouts.

I’m not willing to do that most mornings. That’s non-negotiable for me most days. Even so, many mornings I have to cut short my workout to accommodate this woman’s artificial schedule. Why is any of this an issue for me? Because right now we have only one car. It’s a good car but we have only one. Another one of my “whys” is to get another vehicle. That would obviously eliminate this issue but it’s not an option right now.

4. Bright shiny object syndrome. I’m getting better at this one. I don’t have Skype on this laptop on purpose. That way I can eliminate that distraction. I typically shut down email in the early morning when I work on my IMB. But it’s still an issue. For example, the other day I day bought the “List on Fire” product that Sean was promoting. Then I spent some time that night going through part of the first two videos. That time would probably been better spent working on my big business blueprint. But sometimes there’s a trade off. Going through “List on Fire” required much less energy and thought than thinking about my big business blueprint and answering the probing questions.

5. Other activities. Life is a balancing act and mine’s no different in that regard than anyone else’s. For example, I’m active in my church and in Scouting. I was recently asked to serve again on a Wood Badge staff. (That’s a leadership program for Scout leaders.) I’ll be serving as one of the senior staff.

There’s a considerable time commitment involved in preparing for and presenting the course which we’ll teach in mid-October. That’s obviously time away from my IMB. And I serve in various capacities in my church. Last Saturday I went to assist some folks with laying sod. That took about about an hour. And of course there are personal and family projects that take time. After I laid sod I went home to work on adjusting sprinkler patterns.

We had a house built two years ago. Last year we installed the sprinkler system ourselves. This year we’ll have the lawn seeded. The sprinklers have to be working before the lawn can be seeded. Well, during our adjusting process we discovered that the GFCI outlet was tripping again. I thought I’d already fixed that. So tonight instead of working on my IMB I get to go trouble the GFCI issue again. This an issue because the sprinklers won’t run until that’s fixed. And the sprinklers have to be adjusted before June 30th because that’s the date we’re having the lawn seeded.

All of that said, I’m getting much better at handling all of this than I was. I use Todoist within a GTD (Getting Things Done by David Allen) framework for managing all of these actions. I’m about to tweak that system just a bit to better align everything with my areas of focus, etc. This whole process with the goal furnace and the big business blueprint has made me realize I still have some things out of alignment.


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