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by Rick Smith
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Rick Smith

Cynthia –

Thanks so much. I appreciate that. Sometimes I can’t see the forest for the trees and I don’t realize how much I’ve done or am doing.

Sean, very true. I’ve told you before that your questions cause me to think deeply (I know that’s how they’re designed). I usually get some great clarity when I go through one of your exercises. More than one of your exercises, trainings, or whatever has caused me to change how I do something or think about something. So now it’s time for me to be accountable.

I had every intention on Saturday (the 18th) of finishing my big business blueprint. Didn’t happen. Why not? Because of everything else (as Cynthia says) that I’m accomplishing in my life. Sometimes all of those other things get in the way of working on my IMB. That’s part of the reason I agreed to be Sean’s “guinea pig” in the new thread in the coaching forum. Back to accountability.

Saturday, the 18th

1. Assisted a neighbor with installing sod. Several people showed up so that lasted only an hour. Still was quite a good workout.
2. Worked on adjusting sprinkler patterns in my yard. This got cut short because the GFCI started tripping again. All of this has to be finished before our lawn can be seeded on June 30th.
3. Prepared for Wood Badge (a leadership course for Scout leaders) staff orientation. I’m serving on staff again and am one of the senior staff members this time.
4. Went to dinner with my wife. Glad we did that so we stay somewhat grounded in all the craziness.
5. Attended Wood Badge staff orientation.

Sunday, the 19th

1. Attended church as I do every Sunday.
2. Took a nap because I woke up way too early that morning.
3. Began looking into more closely aligning the way I use Todoist with GTD (Getting Things Done). What started this direction was the whole big business blueprint thing. I realized that my areas of focus, core values, and business weren’t all properly aligned. I’ve known for awhile that I want them to be in alignment but haven’t ever figured out how to accomplish that with any action management tool I’ve ever used. I think I’ve finally figured this out.
4. Went to my son’s house for a nice Father’s Day get together.

Monday, the 20th

Completed so far today

1. Started putting together the ideas for realigning for my areas of focus, core values, business, etc.

What I’m planning to do for the rest of today

1. Troubleshoot the sprinkler GFCI issue and hopefully determine what’s causing that.
2. Work on the big business blueprint. (I’d rather have it be the top priority but it can’t be until I get these sprinkler issues resolved.)


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