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Cynthia Leighton


Yes, for the little youtubes. They’re short and I talk into a powerpoint slide. I’ve done 133 now.

No for the “Teach for an Hour a week” ones that I walk around during, using the cell phone and controlling it via the laptop. Hm, that’s a useful insight… today was only number 4 so in thinking about it, 4 vs. 133 is a huge difference.

Thanks for reminding me: yes I am terrified yet it is about a different thing.

Come to think of it, teaching via the first articles… and then via the first emails… had the same terrifying problem and yet those now are both coming okay.




Today, Monday…

* I made 6 comments online
* I made a youtube, “Self improvement: laugh your way there!”
* I recorded my fourth “Teach for an Hour a Week”
* I sent an email to my subscribers with the recording

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