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by Rick Smith
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Rick Smith

First off, my report from yesterday.

Completed on Monday, the 20th

1. Troubleshot the GFCI/sprinkler issue. Determined that the freezer that’s on the same garage (GFCI) circuit is what’s causing it to trip. It must be too much of a load for the GFCI breaker when both the sprinklers and the freezer are running. (I’m reporting this non big business goal stuff so everyone can see in context what’s going on – I’m going to cut down on that to reduce some of the clutter that’s not really necessary). So it was good that I got that accomplished but now I have to figure out what to do to fix it and it may require an electrician.

2. Read part of this month’s GKIC (Dan Kennedy) “No B.S. Newsletter.”

Worked on today, June 21st

1. Got a good start on implementing my GTD tweaks in Todoist. I’m liking how that’s shaping up alignment wise. I’m feeling much better about that.

Scheduled for tonight

More sprinkler adjustment work to get ready for the lawn seeding.

Sean –

>now the next step is to evaluate each day what you said you would do the day before, and ask why or why not you did or did not >accomplish it.
>is it chronic that you don’t finish your list?
>if so, why, and what needs to change?

Historically, I haven’t done a good job at daily reviews. I really do hafta get better at them. My wife and I do weekly reviews but they’re more calendar scheduling sessions than they are review sessions. So I have some work to do there as well. I’m going to do what I do a lot of times when you ask me questions that require me to think. I’m gonna think about them, more specifically I’m gonna think about how I can incorporate these very questions into a daily review.

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