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Cynthia Leighton

Thanks Sean!

Yes, the youtubes are live at

I set SoftwareEnterprise as the name of the channel and experimented with names… but channel does not seem reachable by a user url.

My long term goal is the exit strategy of selling the company, that’s why I put the name of my company into stuff.

Excited for tomorrow’s live training! I’ll be late because of my commitment to 8:15 am Pacific time daily Mass at church (it’s a critical part of my healing right now and missing it negatively impacts my health) and will call from the parking lot afterward. Glad you record it!! And glad the trainings go for a while so I’ll still be live for part of training.

Today, Tuesday…

* I made 12 comments
* I wrote “Meaning and purpose in your life varies over time” for my blog
* I sent an email to my subscribers and added yesterday’s recording a second time

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