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by Rick Smith
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Rick Smith

Sean –

Last night I created a repeating daily task to perform a daily review each morning. It’s the first task I’ll do each morning. I’ll review what I completed the day before, analyze what I completed, move forward any uncompleted tasks, and review my productivity spreadsheet from the day before. (Hmmm. Just realized I should add all of these items either as subtasks or as a task comment so I don’t miss anything.) I’ll also review my calendar each morning.

So this morning I did the review and realized something when I reviewed my productivity spreadsheet. There are things on there that I completed that aren’t in Todoist. That means I didn’t enter those tasks in Todoist and mark them as complete. So I didn’t give myself “credit” for everything I completed yesterday. The only things that showed up for yesterday in Todoist as completed tasks were tasks unrelated to my big business goals. I’ll be fixing that today.

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