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Cynthia Leighton


Thanks. Best wishes with youtube!

You asked about Software Enterprise. That’s kind of complicated so here’s a lot longer answer than you were looking for 🙂

* Software Enterprise Limited is a corporation I incorporated long ago! I succeeded but experienced a series of disasters in my life.

* Long term, from the helping people perspective, I want to have a software application (“app” in the lingo people say nowadays) to help people… driven by the needs of the subscribers and members I get along the way. So the self-development part is that it will be a software company and the name therefore still fits.

* Shorter term, I’d invested in the company and if I can get earning in it by getting my membership up and selling well before they expire, I’ve got substantial carried forward losses I can use for tax purposes. AKA lots of dollars can be saved.

* My exit strategy is to sell the company, so it’s more useful to build a brand than to build on my name.


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