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Kevin Stanley


I listened to this weeks training yesterday and the discussion with Carl has caused me to reflect on things and my own lack of progress and use of time over the last 3 weeks.

I have a full time job which takes up 12 hours or more a day and my attempts to get going with an online business are falling behind this, my family and sleep.

I feel I work productively when I get into a rhythm but the constant struggle to find this rhythm and the fact I don’t prioritise the business over other things makes me it feel disingenuous for me to write and teach about being productive outside of work, because I’m not practising what I preach.

The information and help that is available in here is some the best I’ve ever had and I hope to come back some day, but right now the harsh reality is that I’m lacking the required combination of time and desire to make it work in the niche I felt I was best placed to work in.

Sean, I hope you don’t mind me posting this here but it felt right to let people know it’s a personal decision because of my own situation rather than me feeling dissatisfied with anything you’ve provided, all of which has been first class.

Best of luck to you all and thank you for all the help and encouragement you provided.


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