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Don Sturgill

June 25: I finished section one of the blueprint questions today. The answers could have been more in-depth, perhaps. I started out still on the fence about my chosen niche. I’m still afraid to commit, but here’s where I am:

1) What exactly is your Dream Business?
Writing, speaking, and teaching on topics that matter.
2) Why do you believe you should create it?
Everyone needs something of value to do and be.
3) How will your BIG IDEA change lives?
By helping people drop the hype and get back to basics.
4) How is it different (or similar) to other web businesses that do something similar?
Focus on the boomer generation and the things that matter most
5) What will be included in your BIG BUSINESS dream site?
Sections on Health, Wealth, and Wisdom
6) Please tell me anything and everything else about what you dream about in your business
I’d like to grow it to be my main business — allowing me to work with others, but not for them.

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