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Don Sturgill

I finished the blueprint today:

Part 3: (So we can begin designing your business fast!):
12) Who desperately NEEDS what you are going to teach, share, or sell?
Ø Folks facing hard choices and big changes
13) Why do they need it from YOU and no one else?
Ø I’m writing from experience, not theory.
14) Is anyone else doing exactly the same thing?
Ø Not that I can find.
15) How is YOUR solution different or better than everyone else who teaches what you want to?
Ø My message will cover the big 3 (health, wealth, wisdom)
16) How is YOUR solution going to change people’s lives?
Ø By providing knowledge, opportunities, and insight
17) Is your solution simpler or more complex than the existing solutions?
Ø Simpler in delivery, but deeper in reach
18) Do you want to be the LEADER in your business concept, or just go along with everyone else and get by?
19) Did you make MORE revenue last year online than the year before?
Ø Yes
20) Are you already selling your solution in a smaller form, but you want to go big and viral now?
Ø Part of it. I’m working on the wealth part, helping folks grow their businesses
21) If so, how many units do you sell each month, and at what price each?
22) Do you have an enthusiastic fan base to whom you can tell about your great idea? If so, what is that fan base, and how many are in it?
Ø Not yet. I do have a mailing list, but not for this project
23) If you KNOW you can change lives, but haven’t been able to, what are the top 3 things that have stopped you from doing it?
Ø Indecisiveness
Ø Caught up in working to pay the bills
Ø Lack of self-confidence
24) Do you want to follow a proven model, or do you want to re-invent the wheel?
Ø Proven
25) On a scale of 1-10, how bad do you want to change the world with your solution?
Ø 10
26) On a scale of 1-10, how bad to you want to make $100k this year with your solution?
Ø 10
27) How hard are you willing to work to make it happen?
Ø Day and night
28) What are you willing to drop or get rid of to make $100k this year changing the world with your solution?
Ø Trying to do the things others can do for themselves. Trying to take care of everyone else’s needs and let my own smolder in smoke.
29) What will be the 3 biggest things that would change in your life if you get this viral innovative business off the ground?
Ø Better health
Ø Less stress
Ø More freedom
30) Final question (yahoo!!) – what is going to be the BEST PART about working with me on this?
Ø Accountability

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