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by Rick Smith
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Rick Smith

Sean –

Using the productivity tracking spreadsheets that I created based on one of our earlier email discussions, I did OK. My productivity for last week was 56.92%. My productivity for the four full weeks of June was 50.17%. Now… that said, I think those numbers might be a bit high. Here’s why I say that. The way I use the spreadsheet is like this. If a given time block is available for me to use for working on my IMB, I should fill it in with whatever task I perform in that block. However, I’ve been counting activities like listening to your audios (or other business building audios). That’s kind of a gray area but I’ve been counting it.

Anyway, if it doesn’t build my IMB it gets recorded. If it builds my IMB it also gets recorded. Then I check the block next to it that indicates whether a given task took me closer my business building goals. If I make an X in that block it took me closer. No X means it didn’t take me closer. From there it’s simple math; number of activities that took me closer to my goals divided by total number of activities.

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