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Rick Smith

My results with the section “Backgroun Training to Building Your Blueprint.”

I’ve heard (but probably not listened) the $5K meat and potatoes audio multiple times. But this time Sean asked that we make notes (which I always do anyway) and record our three biggest takeaways. I don’t think I’ve done that before. No matter. I did it this time. I don’t know if I mentioned this or not but for some reason, things are clicking for me in a different way now. I don’t know if it’s because Sean is holding my feet to the fire through this thread and the coaching thread or what.

My Three Biggest Takeaways From This Section

1. You can’t make money.
a. It’s illegal in most countries.
b. You can only exchange your value for someone else’ s money.
1. How can I exchange my value for their money?
2. What do I have of value to exchange for their money?
3. How can I give them more value than they’re expecting?
4. If you want to reach the level of receiving $10K per month then the value you provide must be worth at least, if not greater than, $10K per month.

2. I’ve been making this way too complex. Here’s the entire business model.
a. If you sell something, say audio training once per week, and 1,000 people pay $10 for that training, there’s your $10K per month.
1. If you don’t think your products have enough value you could give away the audios until you feel they have enough value.
a. Alternatively, you could have 100 people pay $100 per month.
1. Membership site.
2. Group coaching program.

3. Sean analyzed a number of people who were successful online. They had the following things in common.
a. They had a squeeze page.
b. They had an email list.
c. They wrote daily emails to that list.

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