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by Rick Smith
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Rick Smith

My answers to the section “The Outline of Your Own Blueprint”

What are the 3-5 things you should be singularly focusing on in your business to achieve YOUR goals?
1. Daily review.
2. Big business goals.
3. Completing my membership site.
4. Daily content.
5. Creating an expert presence.

If ALL you did each day was work on those 3-5 things, what would your DREAM or DREAM BUSINESS look like in 6 months?
It would look nothing like it does today. The transformation would be incredible.

Would it be okay if you did NOTHING else but those 5 things during your working time?

What things do you to today that could be totally eliminated? (For example, facebook, email, TV, etc.)?
1. My day job. (Well, I can’t eliminate that one just yet. 🙂 )
2. I’ve significantly cut down on email. Either I don’t look at it all before I start my IMB work time or check it for five to 10 minutes then shut it down.
3. I do sometimes get distracted by other websites but I’m learning to ignore them as well when I’m working on my IMB.
4. I have to stay on constant guard against BSO syndrome.

What could you eliminate and it wouldn’t take away from your goal?
If I were in the financial position to do so I could pass off much of the membership site development work to a VA.

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