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by Rick Smith
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Rick Smith

Before I post my accountability report for June 30th I want to post some observations.

1. I got serious about using this section of All Access on June 9th. (Didn’t realize it was only three weeks ago yesterday but it was.)

2. In 2009 I got serious about my health. I weighed 333 pounds in January 2009. I’d realized I was headed for big problems if I didn’t make some changes. By August 2011 I’d gone from 333 pounds to 216 pounds for a total weight loss of 117 pounds. I did this with no surgery, no fad diets, none of that stuff.

I did it with eating (mostly) right and a lot of exercise. As of my weigh in yesterday (I weigh daily for my accountability to myself), I weighed 228.8. So I’ve put back on a little of that weight but I’m still at 104.2 pounds gone from my life. But I didn’t put the weight on or take it off overnight. I took the weight off with consistent, steady actions, by doing the right things consistently over time.

3. My IMB is no different. I have to take consistent, steady action and keep doing the right things consistently. Listening Sean’s most recent audios and watching how some of you perform consistent, steady action has driven that point home to me in a big way.

4. I looked back at my accountability thread starting from the beginning. I didn’t realize how much I’d already accomplished in just three weeks. That was eye opening and motivating.

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