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Rick Smith

Your Monetary Blueprint

What do YOU see as the way to get to about $8k a month ($100k a year) for example, would you have 100 clients at $83 a month, or 200 clients at $42 a month, or 400 buyers at $21 each, or some combination of that?
Initially, I want to have 345 members per month at $29 per month. This would mean income of $10,005 per month. This would provide to me $120,060 per year.

Would you have single trainings (maybe $20 each), a membership at $30 or $40 a month, coaching at $97 a month, and multiple-track products at $100 – $1000 each, or a combination of all?

To begin with, I plan to offer 13 modules in a 13 week membership program. I already have these modules identified. Secondly, I’m thinking of providing an “advanced” membership as a followup program for the initial membership site. I’m thinking this program will run for at least another 13 weeks. I haven’t yet clearly defined this program.

In addition, I’m thinking of adding at least one home study course and a group coaching program. Plus, I love Sean’s idea of creating a product a week. I don’t yet have these ideas clearly defined, either.

What has to happen for that to happen?

1. I must complete my initial membership site.

2. Next, I’ll begin implementing Sean’s “core four.” The first pieces of that puzzle are daily content and daily emails. Implementing the “core four” will get the traffic moving to the membership site.

3. I’m thinking of using another domain I own as a portal type site. I’m thinking of offering the products as well as well the group coaching from that site. I really haven’t thought through this aspect that much.

What are the 3 biggest things that answering the earlier questions and my feedback have done for you, or helped you realize?
1. I don’t think big enough. I’ve got to think bigger. I have to think more along the lines of the 1 million person business model and the big business consolidation model. I’ve begun to do that but I have to do it more.

2. Creating an online business is just as much work as creating an offline business. I think I realized that before but I really didn’t realize it at a core level.

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