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Rick Smith

Bringing the work outline and the monetary outline together to create your final blueprint

Based on everything you’ve written and what you want to accomplish, and realizing that tightly focused action on 2-3 main things will get you much further than trying to EVERYTHING, what do YOU see as your Blueprint?
1. Complete my basic membership site
2. Begin adding lessons to the membership site.
3. Begin adding daily content to the membership site.
4. Begin recording weekly training lessons.
What are the 3-5 things you’ll do to build your business?
1. Establish an expert presence by creating daily content and posting it on my membership and on various other sites.
2. Create a big business/portal website.
3. Create a list 50 – 100 websites in my niche.
4. Establish relationships with the site owners of the 50 – 100 websites in the list in step 3 above.
5. Begin placing content on the websites from step 4 above.

What are the 3-5 things you’ll “sell” to bring in the income?
1. Memberships to my membership site.
2. Weekly trainings.
3. Home study courses.
4. Group coaching programs.
5. Possibly one on one coaching programs.
What are the price points on those “things”?
1. Memberships – $27 per month.
2. Weekly trainings – $10 per week.
3. Home study courses – don’t know yet.
4. Group coaching programs – don’t know yet.
How many do you need to sell to hit your financial goal?
1. 345 memberships at $27 per month would be $9,315 per month for a total of $111,780.
2. 50 trainings per week at $10 each would provide an additional income stream of $2,000 for a monthly total of $11,315 per month. This would be a yearly total of $135,780.
3. Home study courses – don’t know yet.
4. Group coaching prorgams – don’t know yet.
What has to happen to sell those? (this is where you list the things you’ll do to get folks to come to your website, the articles you’ll write, the products you’ll create, the interactions you’ll have)
1. Begin working through and implementing Bevan Bird’s 1,111 Facebook contacts in 90 days.
2. Invite all my current Facebook contacts and address book(s) to visit my squeeze page and subscribe.
3. Create my EzineArticles account. Begin creating expert articles in my niche.
4. Create daily content.
a. Articles on EzineArticles.
b. Blog posts on my website.
c. Guest blog posts on niche websites.
d. Videos.
1. YouTube.
2. Vimeo.
3. TubeMogul.
e. Podcasts.
5. Products.
a. Membership lessons.
b. Weekly trainings.
c. Home study courses.
d. Possibly group coaching.
e. Possibly one on one coaching.

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