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by Cynthia Leighton
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Cynthia Leighton

Rick — thanks! I appreciate your encouraging comments. I know I am getting small results in place for a foundation. And it is helping heal me, so that is significant by itself.

Today, Saturday…

* I got an outline in place
* I recorded a full hour (1 hour 2 minutes 51 seconds!) for my sixth “Teach for an Hour a Week”.

I do feel better about myself for having recorded six of these. And I decided I’m going to add in homework assignments and record the instructions (once I think of something), so that the first ones won’t total to less than an hour. That way I do not need to redo the shorter first ones to be able to have a consistent at-least-an-hour-of-recording per training. And can call them one hour recordings and let whatever extra minutes exist be bonus… call an hour without shortchanging people.

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