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Rick Smith

Your Daily Schedule to Achieve Your Blueprint

First, listen to the Core 4 Daily Training under 3) on this page:
Core 4 Daily Training

Then write down the 3-5 things that need to happen each day to achieve your goal

1. Daily content. 30 minutes.
2. Daily email. 15 minutes.
3. Work on coaching program, products, sales letters, etc. 30 minutes.
4. Promote my expert presence, products, etc. 45 minutes.

Write down an amount of time needed each day to do those things.

I’m not going to assign times to those activities yet and here’s why. I do better when I follow Sean’s action management strategies than when I time block. So these activities will be going into Todoist once I get the website completed. I’ve revised my launch date to August 31st. (I may shorten that time frame but I want to keep it there for now.) I may well assign times to the core 4 activities later because I typically work on these projects in the morning. But I can see I’m gonna have to do more at night once I get the sprinkler project finished.

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