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Rick Smith

Finalize the Topic You’re Going to Teach

What is the single biggest thing you can do right now to change people’s lives?

I must complete and begin teaching people how to remove the excess weight from their lives. It’s beginning to feel like more and of a mission for me.

What is the biggest thing folks are missing in your topic?

Most folks think that losing weight is simply the technical aspect of it. In other words, they think that creating a caloric deficit is all there is to it. That’s not really their fault. They’ve been lied to by the weight loss industry (could be the germ of an idea for some marketing copy there). In order to create initial weight loss and keep it off one MUST have and maintain the proper mindset, set and reach appropriate goals, etc. Knowing how to create a proper diet or lift weights the proper way is only part of it.

If you were to spend 30 days working on one idea, one concept, one way to change lives, what do you want that to be?

There are 15 million people in the U.S. alone who are 100 pounds or more overweight. This is known as “morbidly obese.” This doesn’t count the people who are “just” overweight. That number may be 10 TIMES higher than the first number. The one idea that I would want to work on for the next 30 days is that with the proper mindset (excluding certain medical conditions) you CAN achieve lasting weight loss and live the life you deserve! (Some more good marketing copy there.) I get so passionate when I write this stuff!

How can you best change lives?

Showing others how to remove their excess weight is the best way I can change lives. Removing excess has so many emotional and physical benefits. And there’s another benefit. As parents learn how to remove and keep off their own weight they’ll naturally teach the concepts to their kids.

Would you prefer to have a broad website that teaches everything in your topic (but perhaps at a more general level, although over time you can go as deep as you want) or do you want to have a business that’s specialized – and positions YOU as the expert in your topic – in area of your topic where you offer unprecedented depth of training in that part of your topic?

Eventually I want to have both. I want to have a big business portal site but I want the ability to go as deep as required on appropriate topics. I also want to become recognized as the expert on having the proper mindset for losing weight.

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