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Mark Rhodes


Thanks for the encouragement. Most of my offerings are high ticket I guess. A new patient spends $1-2k in pieces over 3-6 months on average. I net roughly 50-60% of that, because of lab and supplement costs. The longer they use me for health coaching, the better my profit margin, AND they get more benefits. (Trying not to make a medical claim here!)

I have a $5k package for doctors at this time, but it’s been a while since I have even offered it. That’s all profit.

I need more low-ticket items. Most of those will reside as courses on I think.


June didn’t turn out well in terms of income. I could have pushed for more clients. However, I worked more on content. I got training videos produced that will become posts and form the basis for paid training later.

I also got my “daily routine” down. I put together a rotation that will serve me well I believe, and that follows your daily content, daily email, weekly product format. The first time through a rotation took several days. Second time, not so long. I’m sure I can get it down to less than a day eventually. And I’ve got people registering for the online community. This serves as the optin at this point in time.


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