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by Rick Smith
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Rick Smith

Don –

I like the site so far. Nice and clean. Easy to understand and navigate. I signed up as a subscriber because I wanted to see how you were handling the email sequence. Great start!

>Questions: Does anyone think Get Response is not the best choice? And is it a bad idea to ask for first and last name (two separate >fields) instead of first name only?

I think GetResponse is a fine choice. I see nothing wrong with them at all. They’ve been around almost as long as AWeber. I think their deliverability rate is good based on what I know of them. I don’t think you should ask for both first and last name. I don’t think people are used to that. Some marketers say it’s better to ask only for the email address. But… it doesn’t matter what I think or what some other marketer thinks. What your prospects/subscribers think is what matters. So I think you have to test it to see which gives you the best response.

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