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by Buck McDaniel
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Buck McDaniel

Lesson 0 – Introduction

The Gmail Slap

For Years, the Google search engine has been “slapping” websites by altering its algorithm that ranks websites in the order they fall in the search. Its goal is to put the arrange the results in the order the person searching wants to find. When it introduces a new algorithm, pages that once ranked on first page are slapped to somewhere deep inside the search results.

In April, 2016 Gmail introduced its first profound slap on email delivery. Thousands of email marketers from around the world saw a sudden decline in their open rates. Some report open rates dropping from as high as 60% to as low as 10% or less. It is generally believed that Gmail filters 70-80% of all email deliveries.

Getting past the Gmail filter takes more than just altering your emails. Gmail is now sorting email based on factors including:

  • Quality of the content
  • Quality of the source of the email
  • How other Gmail readers treat email from that source
  • many more

This course will give you one step everyday that you can apply to your email campaigns. So, plan to take about 15 minutes a day to read each email and apply what you learn so you can improve your email open rates.

Get ready for Lesson 1

Create a new folder in your inbox and call it “Email Marketing Tips”. Move this and all the other emails in the series into this folder so you can find them and review them as necessary.

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