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Cynthia Leighton

Thanks, Mark! Indeed, it’s about doing something consistently however small.

Today, Wednesday…

* I met with my CPA, who has been a friend and CPA since 1988. We talked about my current activities and my business plan, citing researching where to be to attract people and the upcoming $9.77 recordings, $30 membership, $100 coaching, and much longer term applying those customers (and the money thereby earned) as the research and marketing to develop an app. He saw me succeed before when facing disabling health challenges (I still manage those, yet now have others from disasters that happened). He’s a Marine Corps veteran and suggested that what I’m teaching will help veterans, especially since I can cite how it worked before since I used this process to go from disabled with six figures in credit card debt to $20 million in software services sales for a business partner I attracted (when I could not do anything when taking Sean’s million person business I realized I was re-reading the self improvement books I’d read before and chose categories based on what I’d done before in life). My CPA friend gave as an example that it would even help veterans facing loss of a leg who are feeling life is over. For those in therapy, he believes the Federal Government would pay for their membership — and that the local VA Hospital is where to start helping people. So I added to my traffic spreadsheet and realized I have a friend who has a neice who is a radiologist at the local VA Hospital.
* I made two youtubes
– “How to gain new skills”
– “How do I come out of my comfort zone?”
* I wrote “How do you step out of your comfort zone to grow?” for my blog
* I sent an email to my subscribers

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